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Research Outcome

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Title of the innovation Name of Awardee Awarding Agency Date of award Category
Design & development of curcumin loaded zinc oxide nanoparticles decorated mesoporous silica as a tissue glue Mr. Ajinkya Pote (Research scholars) (M.Pharm-Sem-IV-Pharmaceutics) 14th Maharashtra State Inter University Convention: 2019-20 organized by University of Mumbai AVISHKAR 2019-20 19th-20th February, 2020 Student
Research Excellence Award Dr.A.D.Kulkarni Institute of Scholars (InSc), registered under Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India 2019-20 Faculty
Young Achiever Award Dr.A.D.Kulkarni Institute of Scholars (InSc), registered under Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India 2019-20 Faculty
Best Teacher Award 2020 Dr.Vipul Patel Institute of Scholar, INSC Publishing House (IPH), Registered under Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India 2020 Faculty
Dr. P.D Sethi Memorial National Awards 2019 for Best Research Paper Award Dr.N.G.Sutar ANCHROME Technology, Mumbai, India 2019 Faculty



Sr. No. Name of the faculty Title of the patent Patent File No. Year of filing Status
1 Mr. Sachin S. Gaikwad

Dr. Kishor S. Salunkhe

A modified release Capecitabine tablet and process toprepare thereof TEMP/E-1/32144/2021-MUM 2021 Published
2 Ms. Poonam  Patil Synergistic Hair and/or Scalp treatment




2018 Filed
3 Ms. Poonam  Patil Novel Herbal Eco-friendly Ink TEMP/E-1/40680/2018-


2018 Filed
4 Dr.V. P. Patel Co-processed excipients Intended for sustained Release dosage forms Temp/E-1/8197/2018-MUM 2018 Filed
5 Dr. Vishal V. Pande

Dr.V. P. Patel

 Mouth wash tablet Temp/E-1/30743/2017-MUM 2018 Filed
6 Dr.V. P. Patel 3-{4-[(4-methoxyphenyl) sulfamoyl] phenyl}-N-(3-benzyl-5-oxo-1, 5-dihydro-4H-1, 2, 4-triazol-4-yl) prop-2-enamide as an Anticancer Temp/E-1/42012/2017-MUM 2017 Filed
7 Dr. N.G. Sutar Paper carrier E-2/1003/2017/MUM 2017 Filed
8 Dr. N.G. Sutar Non-alcohol pure poly herbal hand sanitizer- formulation and Evaluation TEMP/E-1/5514/2016-MUM 2016 Filed
9 Dr.Sunil J. Aher Nanoparticulate Compositions of Meloxicam or its salts CBR No.703 2015 Filed
10 Dr.Sunil J. Aher Nanoparticles Composition of Ketoprofen or its salts 2725/MUM/2014 2014 Filed
11 Dr.P.L.Gorde New Route of synthesis of M-Bromoanisole 1779/MUM/2014 A 2014 Published
12 Dr.P.L.Gorde Synthesis and characterization of novel di-Azo cross-linked polymer for colon specific  delivery 31/MUM/2013 2013 Granted
13 Dr. Vishal V. Pande


Pharmaceutical excipients 259/MUM/2011 2011 Filed
14 Mr. Manoj S.  Jain


Synthesis and evaluation of antipsychotic activity of n-11-{4’-n-aryl carboxamido/n-(aryl)-a-phenyl acetamido-piperazinyl)-5h-dibenzoxapin derivatives 2850/MUM/2010A 2010 Published
15 Ms. Shilpa S. Harak Synthesis evaluation of antipsychotic activity of N-alkyl cycloalkylarylacetoamido piperazinyl dibenzodiazipine and thienobenzodiazepin 2219/MUM/2008A 2008 Published
16 Mr. Manoj S. Jain

Ms. Shilpa S. Harak

Synthesis and antifungal activity of 1-alkyl-2-[4-(4-arylalkyl piperazinyl)phenyl amino methylamino benzimidazoles 1201/MUM/2007A 2007 Published
17 Mr. Manoj S. Jain

Ms. Shilpa S. Harak

Synthesis of 11-(4’-substituted alkylaroyl)-1’-piperazinyl dibenz[b,f](1,4) oxazepines for antiseptic activity 1202/MUM/2007A 2007 Published