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Name of Department: Pharmacology

Name of HOD: Dr. R C Sutar, Asso. Prof., M.Pharm, PGPRDU, Ph.D., MBA

The Pharma Industry today, is expanding in knowledge, undergoing rapid advancements and is key outsourcing hub in Globalization. The Department of Pharmacology, since its inception in 2004, is committed to excellence in Pharmacy education and research and is proud of the contribution of its faculty members and students to Basic Science and Clinical Research. The key task of the department is to provide knowledge in Human anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology of drugs/medicines which is constantly offering knowledge based learning  to students. Department has experienced and committed faculty members with vast research experience. Use of ICT tools, skill development programs like animal handling and Pharmacovigilance for the students actually improve confidence of the students. The department has received research grants of more than Rs. 13 Lakhs from various funding agencies.

I extend my best wishes for their bright future. SCPER is committed to uphold high standards of Technical Education.


Dr. Ravindra C. Sutar

 Professor, Sanjivani College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Kopargaon

 List of Equipments

Laboratories in the department are equipped with following instruments


Name Of Instruments Make & Model
Stereotaxic Equipment KOPF
Micrroscope Olympus Trinocular Model-CX41TR Olympus CX41TR
Biochemistry Analyser RFCL
Activity cage Digital Dolphine
Analgesiometer  Eddy’s Hot plate Spacelab
Analgesiometer Tail  flick type Spacelab
Centrifuge machine REMI
ECG Machine Medicolab
Electro Convulsometer Dolphine
Elevated plus maze Dolphine
Pole climbing  App  Cooks Dolphine
Rota rod 5 compartment Digital Spacelab
Telethermommeter Digital Dolphine


2.     Research Grant Received

Year of Sanction Name of Principal Investigator and Co-investigator Title of Research Project Name of Funding Agency Grant Received
2019-20 Dr. R C Sutar Development  and   Evaluation of  Herbal formulation for Central Nervous System Disorders


AICTE Under the scheme Modernization and Removal of Obsolescence Rural (MODROB-Rural) Rs. 1255541/


Future Plan of Department:

  1. Expand experiential and innovative teaching and learning process
  2. Research funding from different sources
  3. Addition of sophisticated newer instruments and extend the facility for commercial and research use of the students
  4. Actively participate in skill development program in the field of Pharmacovigilance
  5. Collaboration with industries for preclinical evaluation
  6. Enhance the research activity in the department
  7. Organize more National/International Seminars/Conferences
  8. Publication of research papers in high impact factor journals
  9. To initiate the collaborative activities with other colleges and industries