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Library and reading room is heart of college. Our library is amassed with number of books, Journals, Periodical and e-resources like K-Hub available on www.k-hub.In, repositories of staff publications, newsletters and magazines with a pleasant air-conditioned reading room.  Library is fully automated by LIBRERIA software. Moreover, the college library has membership with sister institutes. Library provides various amenities to users such as online public access catalog (OPAC), reference service, document scan facility, reprographic facility and book bank facility till today our library have served total 1500+ Students in this scheme.

B Pharmacy Books : 5430

M Pharmacy Books : 0792

D Pharmacy Books : 0294

Book Bank Books : 0999

SC/ST Book Bank : 1557

Donated Books (B/D) : 0568

Project Report : 1108

Jr. Bound Volumes : 0696

Misc. Documents : 0070 (F-02, I-23, B-02)

Compact Disk : 0373

E- Journal : 1764

E- Books : 1328

E- New Letters : 0006

E- Case Report : 0006

Journals Subscription : 0027

Total NUMBER OF Volumes : 11514