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Name of Department: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Name of HOD: Dr. Pawar S. S. M. Pharm PhD.

HOD Desk:

The Pharma Industry today, is knowledge intensive, undergoing rapid changes and is key outsourcing hub in Globalization. Since inception in 2004, the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is involved in delivering the academic and industrial needs pertaining to pharmaceuticals. The key task of the department is to provide knowledge in pharmaceuticals chemistry of drugs/medicines which is constantly offering first-rate opportunities to students against high quality educational experience.

We are fortunate to be centre of choice for most of the stakeholders in this region. Department has experienced and committed faculty members with vast research experience. We ensure that students are abreast with latest technologies through our regular teaching learning process and additional enrichment programs. Department rigorously follows Outcome Based Education in their teaching learning process. Use of ICT tools for the students actually improve confidence of the students in the respecting subject to understand.

I extend my best wishes for their bright future. SCPER is committed to uphold high standards of Technical Education.


HPLC With Quaternary Gradient PDA Detector Shimadzu
HPLC With Isocratic UV – Absorbance Detector Shimadzu
FTIR with ATR Shimadzu
UV – Visible Spectrophotometer single beam Shimadzu
UV – Visible Spectrophotometer double beam Shimadzu
Microwave Synthesizer Dolphin
Catalytic hydrogenator Superfit
Digital electronic balance Shimadzu



Year of Sanction Name of Principal Investigator Title of Project Name of Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned
2011-13 Dr. Sarita S. Pawar Synthesis and evaluation of antipsychotic activity of 11-[N4- substituted)-1-piperazinyl] Dibenz [b, f] [ 1,4]-thiazepins BCUD, Pune 100000/-
2011-13 Dr. Prasad L. Gorde Synthesis and biological evaluation of some 1,5-benzodiazaepine derivative BCUD, Pune 100000
2013-16 Dr. Veena Kasture Exploring Moringa oleifera for children and women health AICTE-RPS, New Delhi 6,20,000
2014-16 Seema A Gosavi Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Isoxazole Derivatives BCUD, Pune 80,000
2014-16 Dr. Sarita Pawar Synthesis and evaluation of some pyridodibenzothiazepine derivative as novel antipsychotic agent BCUD, Pune 1,65,000
2014-16 Dr. Sarita Pawar Synthesis and evaluation of some pyridodibenzothiazepine derivative as novel antipsychotic agent BCUD, Pune 1,40,000
2016-18 Dr. Prasad L. Gorde Synthesis and Biological evaluation of 1,4-Benzoxazepines. BCUD,SPPU Pune 1,40,000
2016-17 to 2020-21 Dr. Sarita Pawar (Coordinator) DST-FIST program 2015 (Fund In Infrastructure for Science and Technology), New Delhi Department of Science and Technology 50.00 lakhs
2020-22 Dr. Sarita Pawar Advancing chromatographic facilities for impurity profiling of pharmaceuticals AICTE, New Delhi 1165086

Future Plan of Department:

  1. Expand experiential and inquiry-based learning.
  2. Introduction of a new course for PG – M. Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  3. Research funding form different sources.
  4. Develop Computational Chemistry.
  5. Addition of sophisticated newer instruments (AAS, LCMS, HPTLC, GC) and extend the facility for commercial use
  6. Collaboration with industries
  7. Enhance the research activity in the department
  8. Organize more National/International Seminars/Conferences.
  9. To initiate the collaborative activities with other colleges