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Sr. No. Title of the project Duration of Project Name of the faculty Sponsoring agency/

 Funding Agency

Year Sanctioned amount in Rupees Amount Received


1 Synthesis and evaluation of antipsychotic activity of 11-[N4- substituted)-1-piperazinyl] Dibenz [b, f] [ 1,4]-thiazepins 2011-13 Dr. Sarita S. Pawar BCUD, Pune 2011 100000/- 100000/-
2 Pharmacognostic and phytochemical and pharmacological investigation on Pterospermum acerifolium Wild. (Sterculiaceae) 2011-13 Dr. Rasika D. Bhalke BCUD, Pune 2011 200000/- 200000/-
3 Synthesis and biological evaluation of some 1,5-benzodiazaepine derivative 2011-13 Dr. Prasad L. Gorde BCUD, Pune 2011 100000/- 100000/-
4 Formulation development, optimization and evaluation of bioadhesive drug delivery 2014-16 Dr. Prakash N. Kendre BCUD, Pune 2014 190000/- 190000/-
5 Exploring Moringa oleifera for children and women health 2013-16 Dr. Veena Kasture AICTE-RPS, New Delhi 2013 620000 620000
6 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Isoxazole Derivatives 2014-16 Seema A Gosavi BCUD, Pune 2015 80,000/- 80,000/-
7 Synthesis and evaluation of some pyridodibenzothiazepine derivative as novel antipsychotic agent 2014-16 Dr. Sarita Pawar BCUD, Pune 2015 1,65,000/- 1,65,000/-
8 Design and development of novel herbal formulation for neurological disorder 2014-16 Dr. Rasika Bhalke BCUD, Pune 2015 1,20,000 1,20,000
9 To design and standardize some novel herbal formulations for neurological disorders 2015-17 Dr. Sarita Pawar BCUD SPPU 2015 1, 20,000 1, 20,000
10 Synthesis and Biological evaluation of 1,4-Benzoxazepines. 2016-18 Dr. Prasad L. Gorde BCUD , SPPU, Pune 2016-18 140000 115000
11 DST-FIST program 2015 (Fund In Infrastructure for Science and Technology), New Delhi 2016-17 to 2020-21 Dr. Sarita Pawar (Coordinator) Department of Science and Technology 2016 50.00 lakhs 2400000/-
12 Application of Foldscope microscope in analysis of drinking water treatment plant efficiency 2018-19 Dr. Vipul Patel DBT, New Delhi 2018 800000 800000
13 Modernization of herbal research laboratory 2 years Dr. Rasika Bhalke AICTE, New Delhi 2018-19 1882000 1505600
14 Advancing chromatographic facilities for impurity profiling of pharmaceuticals 2020-2022 Dr. Sarita Pawar AICTE, New Delhi 2020 1165086 932069/-
15 Development and Evaluation of Herbal formulation for Central Nervous System Disorders 2 Years Dr. R C Sutar AICTE-MODROB-RURAL 2019-20 Rs.1255541/- 1004433/-
16 Development and characterization of high functionality ready to use natural co-processed excipients for Sustained release formulation 2020-2022 Dr. Vipul Patel AICTE, New Delhi 2020 1650000 1320000
17 Scale up, safety and In-vitro anti-HIV assessment of curcumin microemulsion loaded vaginal gel product for recurrent vaginal infections 2020-2023 Dr. Vipul Patel RGSTC, Mumbai, Govt. of Maharashtra 2020 1515000 1075000



Sr. No. Name of the faculty/ students Title of the project Sponsoring company Year
1 Prof (Dr.) Vipul Patel/Mr. Ghanshyam Bairagi (M.Pharm Sem-II-PC), Mr. Manoj Chaudhari (M.Pharm Sem-II-PC) Formulation and development of Effervescent Tablets of Paracetamol & Ibuprofen Nasik Industrial Manufacturing Association (NIMA) on behalf of SciTech Specialities Pvt., Ltd., Musalgaon, Ta-Sinnar, Dist-Nashik 2019-20