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Title of the innovation Name of Awardee Awarding Agency Date of award Category
1 Dr. P.D Sethi Memorial National Awards 2019 for Best Research Paper Award Dr.N.G.Sutar ANCHROME Technology, Mumbai, India 2019 Faculty
2 Best Teacher Award 2020 Dr.Vipul Patel Institute of Scholar, INSC Publishing House (IPH), Registered under Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India 2020 Faculty
3 Young Achiever Award Dr.A.D.Kulkarni Institute of Scholars (InSc), registered under Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India 2019-20 Faculty
4 Research Excellence Award Dr.A.D.Kulkarni Institute of Scholars (InSc), registered under Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India 2019-20 Faculty
5 Design & development of curcumin loaded zinc oxide nanoparticles decorated mesoporous silica as a tissue glue Mr. Ajinkya Pote (Research scholars) (M.Pharm-Sem-IV-Pharmaceutics) 14th Maharashtra State Inter University Convention: 2019-20 organized by University of Mumbai AVISHKAR 2019-20 19th-20th February, 2020 Student



Sr. No. Name of the faculty Title of the patent Patent File No. Year of filing Status
1 Mr. Manoj S. Jain Ms. Shilpa S. Harak Synthesis of 11-(4’-substituted alkylaroyl)-1’-piperazinyl dibenz[b,f](1,4) oxazepines for antiseptic activity 1202/MUM/2007A 2007 Published
2 Mr. Manoj S. Jain Ms. Shilpa S. Harak Synthesis and antifungal activity of 1-alkyl-2-[4-(4-arylalkyl piperazinyl)phenyl amino methylamino benzimidazoles 1201/MUM/2007A 2007 Published
3 Ms. Shilpa S. Harak Synthesis evaluation of antipsychotic activity of N-alkyl cycloalkylarylacetoamido piperazinyl dibenzodiazipine and thienobenzodiazepin 2219/MUM/2008A 2008 Published
4 Mr. Manoj S.  Jain   Synthesis and evaluation of antipsychotic activity of n-11-{4’-n-aryl carboxamido/n-(aryl)-a-phenyl acetamido-piperazinyl)-5h-dibenzoxapin derivatives 2850/MUM/2010A 2010 Published
5 Dr. Vishal V. Pande   Pharmaceutical excipients 259/MUM/2011 2011 Filed
6 Dr.P.L.Gorde Synthesis and characterization of novel di-Azo cross-linked polymer for colon specific  delivery 31/MUM/2013 2013 Granted
7 Dr.P.L.Gorde New Route of synthesis of M-Bromoanisole 1779/MUM/2014 A 2014 Published
8 Dr.Sunil J. Aher Nanoparticles Composition of Ketoprofen or its salts 2725/MUM/2014 2014 Filed
9 Dr.Sunil J. Aher Nanoparticulate Compositions of Meloxicam or its salts CBR No.703 2015 Filed
10 Dr. N.G. Sutar Non-alcohol pure poly herbal hand sanitizer- formulation and Evaluation TEMP/E-1/5514/2016-MUM 2016 Filed
11 Dr. N.G. Sutar Paper carrier E-2/1003/2017/MUM 2017 Filed
12 Dr.V. P. Patel 3-{4-[(4-methoxyphenyl) sulfamoyl] phenyl}-N-(3-benzyl-5-oxo-1, 5-dihydro-4H-1, 2, 4-triazol-4-yl) prop-2-enamide as an Anticancer Temp/E-1/42012/2017-MUM 2017 Filed
13 Dr. Vishal V. Pande Dr.V. P. Patel  Mouth wash tablet Temp/E-1/30743/2017-MUM 2018 Filed
14 Dr.V. P. Patel Co-processed excipients Intended for sustained Release dosage forms Temp/E-1/8197/2018-MUM 2018 Filed
15 Ms. Poonam  Patil Novel Herbal Eco-friendly Ink TEMP/E-1/40680/2018- MUM 2018 Filed
16 Ms. Poonam  Patil Synergistic Hair and/or Scalp treatment composition TEMP/E-1/40678/2018- MUM 2018 Filed
17 Mr. Sachin S. Gaikwad Dr. Kishor S. Salunkhe A modified release Capecitabine tablet and process toprepare thereof TEMP/E-1/32144/2021-MUM 2021 Published

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