Name of Department: Pharmaceutics
Name of HOD: Dr. Sharav A. Desai

HOD Desk:

The Department of Pharmaceutics is a place where there is solid commitment to excellence in teaching, research and service is confirmed through the extraordinary productivity and success of our faculty, staff and students. The department covers sufficient laboratories with sophisticated processing and analytical equipments. The department has highly experienced and qualified faculty. The department acquired major importance on integrated research approach on modern technologies in development of various formulations based on Nano-Technology. The department has more than 6 MoU with different pharmaceutical companies with aim to provide Training, research and consultancy for students and faculties. The faculty are engaged in research and working on various research projects funded by DBT, AICTE, DST, RGSTC, BCUD-Pune and pharmaceutical industries. The department has received research grant of more than Rs 50 Lakhs from various funding agencies. Dr. Sharav A. Desai  Professor, Sanjivani college of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Kopargaon

LIST OF EQUIPMENTS Laboratories in the department are equipped with following instruments INSTRUMENTS MAKE AND MODEL Texture Analyser CT-3 Brookfiled Eletronic Balance Cap-300gm Shimadzu All Purpose Equipment With All Accessories Orchid Brookfield Viscometer Brookfield Coating pan with gun Dehumidifier Mac Dissolution test apparatus [Tablet] Electrolab Double cone blender 1kg Spacelab Servo stab with motor Sieves shaker Electromagnetic Spray dryer Model SPD-E-111 Technosarch Stability oven Remi Tablet friability test apparatus Electrolab Diffusion Cell Apparatus Electronic 8Stage 20ml Cap Orchied Extruder with 2 Sieves 2&3mm GMP Shakti Probe Sonicator (Advanced) PCI Refrigerated Centrifuge Cap-4x20ml Model-R246A Remi Spheronizer Wiith 2 Plate 3&6mm GMP Shakti Stirrer Remi RQ-140/D RemiRQ140 Tablet Dissolution Tester Model-08L Electrolab Tablet Hardness Tester Digital EH-01 Electrolab RESEARCH GRANTS RECEIVED Year of Sanction Name of Principal Investigator Title of Research Project Name of Funding Agency Grant Received 2014-15 Mr. P.N.Kendre Formulation development, optimization and evaluation of bioadhesive drug delivery BCUD, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Rs. 1,90,000 2017-18 Prof.(Dr.) Vipul Patel Application of Foldscope microscope in analysis of drinking water treatment plant efficiency DBT, New Delhi Rs. 800000 2019-20 Prof.(Dr.) Vipul Patel Development of SR release multifunctional excipients AICTE-MODROB (Rural) Rs. 16,50,000 2019-20 Prof.(Dr.) Vipul Patel Scale up, safety and In-vitro anti-HIV assessment of curcumin microemulsion loaded vaginal gel product for recurrent vaginal infections Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission (RGSTC), Mumbai Rs. 15,15,000 2020-21 Dr.V.V.Pande Design and Development of Curcumin loaded mesoporous silica nano-particles as a Biocompatible and Biodegradable tissue glue AICTE-MODROB Rs, 13,17,647

Future Plan of department

1. Industry sponsored Research Project 2. To start Pharma Skill oriented Programs 3. To support Entrepreneurship development 4. ATAL INCUBATION AND INNOVATION CENTER


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