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“Good health is a prerequisite to human productivity and development process. A healthy community is the infrastructure upon which an economically viable society can be built. Sanjivani is a blend of technology and health science and it proposes to produce world class professionals who in turn will promote technology and health care system in India and abroad. Sanjivani strives for excellence and setting high standards in all sectors of education. I wish all the best to all the students for their career and academic pursuits”

Hon’ble Shri. Shankarraoji Genuji Kolhe Saheb

Chairman,Sanjivani Rural Education Society

“Our aim is to uplift the rural students in academic excellence particularly in the field of Science and Technology.  Pharmaceutical Sciences is a backbone of healthcare system all over the globe. We wish to contribute to this noble system through high-quality education as well research. We are also much concerned about our role in social contribution. In this regard, I am happy that the college is really doing well in various social activities. Our motto is to promote professionalism, team spirit, social and ethical commitment to boost leadership role assisting improvement in health care.

Hon’ble Shri Nitinrao Shankarraoji Kolhe Saheb

Executive Trustee, Sanjivani Rural Education Society

“With our vision to become a center of excellence for education, research, and training; we believe in providing quality education, research, and training facility. Our strength includes a group of high quality, dedicated and experienced teachers with vibrant ideas and methodologies to extract the best in students. Our emphasis is to make student competent to meet the requirements of global competitiveness and their placements. I am sure about abundant job opportunities for pharmacy students in India and aboard. I am also confident for our students to become successful entrepreneurs and researchers.”

Hon’ble Shri Amit Nitinrao Kolhe Saheb

Managing Trustee, Sanjivani Rural Education Society