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Master of Pharmacy

Duration 02 years (Semester Pattern: 04 Semesters)
Affiliation Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
Intake Capacity 15 seats per specialization


  1. Pharmaceutics
  2. Quality Assurance Techniques

Intake Capacity

Course Approved intake
Pharmaceutics 15
Quality Assurance Techniques 15

Eligibility for admission to First Year M. Pharmacy: As per Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra

For details visit: www.dtemaharashtra.gov.in

Credit Grading System

For PG program, the credit system is adopted by the institute as per SPPU, Pune guidelines. For M. Pharmacy Semester I and Semester II, 50% marks are allocated on the basis of internal examination comprising sessional examination (30 %) and in semester assessments (20 %). The 50 % marks are allocated on the basis of external examinations conducted by the SPPU, Pune. The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is calculated based on the marks obtained by the students in these examinations. The grades and credits are also allocated to the seminars conducted throughout the semesters. Second Year M. Pharmacy students need to complete a project work which is research based and evaluated as per guidelines of SPPU, Pune. The Guide or any other Recognized Post-graduate teacher in the subject (Internal Examiner) and an External Examiner appointed by the University to examine the dissertation. The Examiners jointly assign the marks for dissertation out of 300 which includes Seminar of 50 marks, Research work of 150 marks and viva-voce of 100 marks. The allotment of marks of the dissertation is as follows.

  • Seminar on Dissertation
    Scheme of Seminar on Dissertation
Contents Marks
1. Presentation and communication 25
2. Quality of Research work 25
Total 50
  • Research work
    Scheme of Research work
Contents Marks
1. Literature Survey 10
2. Experimental Work 50
3. Scientific Contents 25
4. Result/ Conclusion 25
5. Organization of scientific material, thesis, dissertation and references 20
6. Patent or Publication on thesis work 20
Total 150
  • Scheme Dissertation and Defense (viva/voce)
    Scheme of Dissertation and Defense
Contents Marks
1.      Depth of knowledge on research work done 50
2.      Result and Discussion 25
3.      Defense 25
Total 100

Features of the Credit System
Master’s degree is of 100 credits each

  • Four credit course of theory is of four clock hour per week running for 15 weeks.
  • Four credit courses of practicals consist of 8 hours of laboratory exercise for 15 weeks
  • Every student has to complete minimum 75% credits in all semesters

First Year M. Pharmacy

  • First year is divided into two semesters (Semester-I & II) and have
  • 6 Theory courses x 4 credits = 24 credits
  • 2 Theory courses x 3 credits = 06 credits
  • 3 Practical courses x 4 credits = 12 credits
  • 2 Seminar = 04 credit
  • Research work = 06 credits
  • Total = 52 credits

Second Year M. Pharmacy

Second year is divided into two semesters (Semester III & IV)

Third Semester

  • Seminar on Research Envisaged for Dissertation = 4 Credits
  • Seminar on Recent Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences = 4 Credits
  • Research work = 18 Credits

Fourth Semester

  • Seminar on Dissertation = 04 Credits
  • Research work =18 Credits