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Name of Department: Pharmacognosy

Area Sq. Meters: 92.50

Name of HOD: Dr. Rasika D. Bhalke

HOD Desk: 

The Sanjivani College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Kopargaon is the endeavor of Sanjivani Rural Education Society in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences to prepare students to become pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists who will be leaders in pharmacy profession. Pharmacognosy is a specific discipline, which deals with versatile studies of the drug and auxiliary substances of biological origin like Plants, Animals & Minerals. This subject provides information about procedure used in manufacturing of materials of natural origin, extraction, isolation, purification of medicinal substances and quality control.

Name of Equipments

  1. Motic Digital Microscope
  2. Camera Lucida Mirror
  3. Camera Lucida Prism
  4. Electronic Digital Balance
  5. Heating Mantles 5lit
  6. Heating Mantles 1000ml
  7. Heating Mantles 500ml
  8. Hot air oven Sterilizer Big 24x20x20xss
  9. IR Balance
  10. Microscope With Oil Immersion
  11. Mixer
  12. B.O.D.Incubator 70x50x50
  13. Muffle Furnace
  14. O.M.Weed Cutter
  15. Polarising microscope
  16. Projection microscope
  17. Refrigerator
  18. Senior Rotary Microtome
  19. Stage micrometer

Departmental Faculty:

Sr. No Name of Faculty Qualification Designation Total Experience
1 Dr. Rasika D. Bhalke M. PHARM, Ph.D. Associate professor & Head of the Department 15 years
2 Dr. Nitin G Sutar M. PHARM, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 15 years

Research Grant Received

Year of Sanction Name of Principal Investigator and Co-investigator Title of Research Project Name of Funding Agency Grant Received


Dr. Rasika D Bhalke MODROB AICTE, New Delhi 18 lac


Dr. Rasika D Bhalke Pharmacognostic, phytochemical and pharmacological investigation on  Pterospermum acerifolium willd. ( sterculiaceae) BCUD, SPPU, Pune 2 lac
2015-2017 Dr. Rasika D Bhalke To design and standardize some novel herbal formulations for neurological disorders BCUD, SPPU, Pune 1.2 lac

Future Plan of department

  1. Recognition of PhD research laboratory for pharmacognosy
  2. Start new value added courses for knowledge enrichment of students