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Sanjivani My Student Board

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Sr. No. Academic Year Name Of Alumni Topic Covered Date
1 2016-2017 Miss. Alisha S. Dhiman To aware the students the recent trends in pharmacy profession. 28.1.2017
2 2017-2018 Mr. Sanjay Upadhyay Career options available in Pharmacy, job interview facing skills, practical experiences of appearing for interviews 9.10.2017
3 2017-2018 Mr. Sunil N Patil IPR, Career options available in Pharmacy, Various Certificate and Diplomas Courses 24.3.2018
4 2018-19 Mr. Vijay B Ugale Bio Fertilizers, Bio Insecticides, Bio Nematocides, Bio-Pesticides,Organic Farming 11.8.2018
5 2018-19 Mr. Manoj S Pagare Industrial opportunities for Pharmacists 8.9.2018
6 2018-2019 Mr. Nirmal M. Thakker Chromatography 12.1.2019
7 2018-2019 Mr. Vaibhav V Donadkar International Pharmaceutical Business Development 23.2.2019
8 2019-2020 Mr. Vaijnath C Sonvale Quality Assurance of Pharmaceuticals 14.9.2019
9 2019-2020 Dr. Manmath Narwane Higher Education Abroad 19.9.2019
10 2019-2020 Mr. Sashikant Pokale Formulation Development 25.1.2020